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Lim Kor Neaw Shrine, Krue Sae Mosque and the Central Mosque

Lim Kor Neaw Shrine, Krue Sae Mosque and the Central Mosque

Joint faith at Amphur Muang

Lim Kor Neaw Shrine or Jao Leng Ju Kiang Shrine is believed to be very sacred and worshiped by many people. The legend says that Lim Kor Neaw was a Chinese girl from Hokkien who was born 400 to 500 years ago. She sailed to Pattani in order to look for her brother named Lim Toh Kiam to persuade him to go back home and take care of their old mother. She found out that her brother was married to the daughter of Praya Tanee and was already a government official. Her brother has converted to Islam and could not travel back to China with her.

Lim Kor Neaw had promised her mother with her life to bring her brother back so she hung herself under a cashew nut tree. Lim Toh Kiam buried his sister at the cemetery of Krue Sae village. It is said that her spirit has given good luck to many people such as prosperity and fortune. Because of this, the Pattani villagers brought the tree where she hung herself to worship and built a shrine for her.

It is believed that her spirit is very sacred and the shelter for many people. Her spirit has given prosperity and fortune to the villagers from this the “Borrowing Sacred Money” tradition occurred. It is believed that whoever borrows sacred money from the goddess will succeed in their business. The borrower has to register and pay back twice as much as the loan.

There are also two mosques nearby; one is named Krue Sae Mosque which is very beautiful. It is built in the Middle East style and another one is the Central Mosque of Pattani, which is built, in the Western style similar to the Taj Mahal in India. There is a big dome in the middle of the building and domes around the four sides. In front of the mosque, there is also a big square pool. In the mosque, there is a lobby with a porch on each side and also a narrow throne inside.