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Lan Island

Lan Island

The short distance of 7.5 kilometers from Pattaya allows an easy access to Lan Island. Like the Andaman, the island is full of beautiful beaches with clear turquoise water, for instance, Ta-wan, Sa-mae, Tien and Ta-yai beaches. To get there by car from Bangkok, take state Highway No. 34 (Bangna–Trad) that takes you to Chonburi. Then, head to Pattaya by state Highway No. 3. Alternatively, drive along the motorway No. 36 to Pattaya. At Bali Hai port in south Pattaya, there are passenger ferries to Lan Island available at Na-baan and Ta-wan piers. On the island, taxi motorbikes are available, however, it is recommended to rent a motorbike for the whole day and manage your own trip.

The images of several motorbikes with passengers commuting on interlocking concrete paved driveways have become a part of Lan Island. No matter at any time of the year, on mountain slopes, by the seashore, or under the shade of coconut trees, you will find these places regularly filled with people. The road heading towards the mountain ridge overlooks the vast blue sea below. From up there, groups of swimmers, bunches of speedboats and dozens of banana boats seem so small as if they are colorful dots that decorate the sea. Yet, their laughter is clearly audible. These are the feelings when you are in the circle of Ta-wan beach, Lan Island’s liveliest shoreline.

Although it is situated not so far from the mainland, the water turns out to be unbelievably and surprisingly clear. The 300 meters of white sand at Sa-mae beach is usually lined with a crowd of people relaxing on beach chairs. The flamboyant beach umbrellas contrast with the plain colors of sand and sea as though this is a portrait postcard from a professional photographer. At the rear end of Sa-mae beach, there is a walking trail ascending the mountain slopes. The bird’s eye view from the top reveals the bustling atmosphere along with panoramic views. Take a short cut down the same walking trail where Tien beach at the terminal point welcomes you with breath-taking scenery. You need to walk along the edge of rocky cliffs to get to this small beach and admire its beauty, as it is not too busy and not too quiet. You may find your fellow travelers taking in the scene of the cove, some strolling along the shore, while others dabble in the sea. Such an atmosphere is an ideal beach that any young kid could dream of.

Finding something to eat on Lan Island is very convenient, but a number of beachfront bistros are nonetheless a bit more pricy because of the tourist location. However, a la carte menus for lower prices are available around Na-ban pier and the local communities. In addition to these, the restaurant that offers a great taste of rice with roasted pork and porridge is opposite the Seven-Eleven convenient store. Another recommended dish is Thai pork skewers sold in front of Mai Sam-ran temple. Last but not least, for a romantic dinner on the seashore, just sit down on a white chair facing the sea and pamper yourself with good food. The working hours of the restaurant allows you to appreciate the moonlight from 5 pm. to midnight.