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Ku Santarattana

Ku Santarattana

A small Khmer site built during the reign of King Chaiworamun the 7th. Experts disagree on what this site was used for. Some say it was a place of worship, others say it was used as a hospital. At the front of Ku Santarattana, there is an arch and a sacred pond. The pond contains fish that can be fed to make merit. There is also another sacred pond nearby which was used for the celebration of King Prajadhipok and King Bhumipol. It is believed that the water from this pond can heal illness such as backache. It is 3.5 kilometers to the north of Amphur Nadoon

Nearby tourist attractions

Sim Wat Klang Kosum is a local temple that is decorated with carved woodcut according to the local northeast style. The temple is located at Baan Koom Klang, Tambol Hua Kwang, Amphur Kosumpisai. Sim Wat Dorn Tarn is another temple where tourists can see a local mural that shows the living style of the northeastern people in previous times. This temple is located at Baan Kokeklang, Tambol Kewarai, Amphur Gosumpisai. Ku Baan Daeng, the only three-layered chedi in the Northeast, is located at M12, Baan Daeng, Tambol Nong Saeng, Amphur Wapeepathum.


Souvenir shops can be found around the temple area. There are many local souvenirs such as silk cloth and triangular backrests. Another souvenir shop is located at Amphur Muang, Nakornsawan Road. Additionally, there is a handicraft village named Nong Kuang at Amphur Gosumpisai. Tourists can choose to stay at a homestay for 200 baht per night. There are also many delicious restaurants such as Mum and Mae Jeen. If the tourists are in the city, Lerdrod Potchana, Boodsaya Plapao, Wang Matcha and Nong Oil Potchana are on the recommended list.