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Koh Kai

Koh Kai

Koh Kai

Satun, the bottom end province of the lower Andaman Sea, occupies a long stretching coast line starting in Trung. There are various famous islands belonging to the Satun archipelago, for example Koh Taru-tao, Koh Bulonle, Koh Bulondon, and Koh Adang. These also include Koh Kai, a small island with white sand. If you visit here, the natural stone arch is one of the must-see places as it is the symbol of the archipelago. It is unfortunate that most tourists opt for hopping on a ferry boat cruising passed Koh Kai. Koh Kai is approximately 14.5 kilometers away from Pakbara port. It is one of the islands that belong to Taru-tao marine national park. The name Koh Kai (literally means ‘Egg island’) was given to the island not only for the sea turtles climbing up the shore to lay eggs every year, but also for the color of the sand that is as white as eggshell.

Despite its small size, Koh Kai is on the top rank of beautiful and famous islands in the Satun archipelago. Tourists can take a look around to admire how charming the shore is. Particularly, on the western side where white sandy beaches can be found. The highlight of Koh Kai that one should not miss for any reason is the gigantic natural stone arch. The gate in the middle is large enough to pass beneath easily. Even though the trip to Koh Kai is not that convenient, but many tourists find it worth all their effort to venture here.

Apart from the stone arch, there is another scenic point at the south end of the island where tourists can simply make their way from the western shore. Once you reach a mound of rocks, it requires a little climb to get to the view point. From the top, you can look down on the beauty of the coastline that connects the two beaches together. This looks exactly like Koh Phi Phi’s separated sea, and also allows you to experience another splendid side of Koh Kai.

To organize a trip to Koh Kai you can manage it in either of the two following ways. One, get a tour package that covers neighboring islands, such as Koh Adang, Koh Ravee, and Koh Hin-ngam. Then Koh Kai becomes the last to visit. Two, for tourists who visit solely Koh Kai in particular, it is recommended to catch a ferry boat from Pakbara port. This would definitely allow you an unlimited private time on the island. Pakbara, the closest port to the marine park, is located at the mouth of La-ngu River.

How to get there

Since there is no direct ferry service to Koh Kai, tourists are recommended to hire one from Pakbara port for an exclusive trip. Otherwise, purchase a tour package for a visit.