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Khong Chiam Ubon Rajjathanee

Khong Chiam Ubon Rajjathanee

Siam’s first sunlight on Khong riverbanks

Located on the banks of the great river Khong, Khong Chiam, in the east of the country, is a secret home to miraculous lofty mountains and streams. For those who love the gentle light of morning sunshine, this is an ideal place that allows you to be the first to experience the rising sun.

Khong Chiam is a small district in Ubon Rajathanee province situated on the eastern border of Thailand. It peacefully clings to the drab river Khong and the indigo river of Mun, in the midst of uncontaminated air and unaffected nature. The humble lifestyle of people of the river and the tremendous mountains ranges from Laos make it easy to fall in love with this fascinating region.

Due to the tranquility of Khong Chiam, many make their way there to kick back and relax. Others prefer being the first to witness the sun appearing from the horizon. There are two scenic points to enjoy the rising sun. One comes with a background of fishing boats, local people and lofty mountain ranges from Laos. Tourists are recommended to stand on the bridge over the Mun River; this is said to be truly a charming and romantic scenic point.

In contrast, if you want open vistas visit the scenic point in Pha Taem National Park where the sun gently appears from the hillsides with the Khong River flowing underneath. Within a few minutes after dawn, you would definitely be the first in Thailand to admire the glowing beams of the Land of Gold.

In order to take in every single detail, visitors may wish to wake up early for the Khong Chiam morning market. Do not miss a chance to try a local breakfast; a cup of traditional coffee and Vietnamese noodle soup. Unlike typical rice noodles, the ones here are long, thick and smooth. They are served with a mellow soup, bite-sized pork spare rips topped with fried shallots.

If you get an opportunity to visit Khong Chiam between the end of the rainy season and the beginning of winter; October to December, do not miss the blooming wild flowers around Soi Sa-wan waterfall in Pha Taem National Park.