Khao Kho

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Khao Kho

Late winter is not the high season for Khao Kho. However, there are some advantages. The annoying rains become less frequent and the temperature is not too cold. The charm of the woods, the scenery and the other attractions on the mountain still remain for sightseeing drives. Additionally, at this time of the year, flowers in Non Son field of Thung Salang Luang national park and plenty of cool-climate plants give a high yield to welcome all tourists.

Due to the overlapping boundary of Khao Kho and Thung Salang Luang National Park, arranging a mutual itinerary is possible. Tourists may pitch a tent or find shelter at Thung Nang Praya ranger unit and then drive to Khoa Kho Mountain. Alternatively, one may opt to stay in the resorts on Khao Kho Mountain and drive to the lovely pine forest at Thung Nang Praya.

Here is a list of preparations before a trip to Khao Kho for those who get there using their own transport. Most routes to Khao Kho climbing the mountain are considerably steep, thus a thorough car inspection, especially the brakes, is vital. Moreover, it is better to fill up the gas tank before departure because most petrol stations are only located around Khaem Son T-junction.

Outstanding tourist attractions for late winter are chiefly blooming cool-climate flowers and color-changing leaves. Even the green savannah is also ready to turn gold when the summer arrives. This place is perfect for couples to go sightseeing, arrange their wedding ceremonies, or honeymoon, as romantic atmosphere – fine weather and bright blue skies – are everywhere. Nearby attractions include the Noen Mahatsachan (or mysterious hill) and the scenic point for agricultural products where there are great blends of hot coffee waiting for you to try. Drive a bit further to Khao Kho palace and climb up Khao Ya to visit the armory museum, Khao Kho sacrificial monument, the international library, and Kanchana Pisek grand pagoda. Finally, end this amazing trip by watching the sunset at Ratta-nai reservoir and Sri-dit waterfall, which is said to be the most beautiful waterfall on Khao Kho, along with Bang Rachan islet – the one and only place in Thailand where freshwater jellyfish can be found.

How to get there

Although Khao Kho is situated in Petchaboon, many tourists rather go via highway No. 12 (Pitsa Nulok – Lomsak). This is because of breath-taking views and a number of tourism locations along the road to stop at for both natural beauty and enjoyment. Keep driving until you reach the 100th milestone (Khaem Son – Khao Kho junction) which is considered the green route to Khao Kho with amazing sceneries and attractions.