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Khao Karose

Khao Karose

Years of erosion from wind and water have created spectacular shapes on the cliff surface of Khao Karose, Krabi. Hop on a long-tailed boat and ride pass the rich mangrove forest to the limestone island that Krabi people consider another local natural wonder.

Khao Karose, or also known as the Canyon of the Two-Emotion Monster, is a cliff eroded by wind, rain, and water until the surface appears like a monster’s face. In the morning, shades and shadows from the eastern sunrise make a grieving ogre while the evening rays will create a haunting smiling monster. Paintings of Pi-Taa-Khon and black witches on white limestone can be found nearby, staring at new visitors day after day.

The high season of this attraction is between late November and May. Drive from Krabi for 45 km. along the public road no. 4 (Petkasem Road), turn left at public road no. 4039 for another 14 km. and then take a boat from Baan Laem Sak port to Khao Karose.