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Kang Krachan

Kang Krachan

Kang Krachan

Kang Krachan National Park; Thailand’s largest conserved forest, is not only a heaven on earth for nature lovers, but also gains high popularity among campers looking to experience a dazzling sea of mist.

Kang Krachan forest is considered the nearest national park from Bangkok – less than 200 kilometers – to witness mountain mist almost similar to the ones in the northern hills. Tourists can camp overnight at Kang Krachan National Park unit (Mt. Phanern Tung) until before the sun rises, then they hike to the viewpoint around the 31st kilometer post. The landscape of broad valleys entirely covered by a sea of fog appears at the breaking of dawn. Later, the mist vanishes and gradually reveals endless perspectives of thick woods and overlapping mountain ranges.

Due to the fertility of Kang Krachan forest, there are a large number of visitors coming here for bird watching, butterfly watching or plant studies especially at the other camping sites, Ban Krang national park unit.

Good to see

Kang Krachan lake, a massive reservoir made from the earth filled dam of Petchburi river, is an enchanting tourism location where visitors can get on a boat to enjoy cataracts and surrounding views. Accommodation is available at the official residences of Kang Krachan National Park or otherwise camp by the lake.

Good to try

Fish from the dam are strongly recommended. Along Kang Krachan Lake, several restaurants offering mouth-watering dishes cooked from freshwater fish–catfish, feather backs, gobies, etc in a breezy riverside atmosphere.

Good to buy

It could not be anything but custard pudding. Authentic Petchburi custard puddings come without fried shallots on the top. Velvety smooth custard puddings are served in small trays and available in a variety of flavors.