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Kamang Plain

Kamang Plain

Observe varieties of butterflies and wild animals at Kamang Plain, a natural highlight of Chaiyapoom.

If you are a lover of nature who prefers the purity and peace amidst the forest, this is the place to visit. Here at Kamang Plain, huge grassland lies in the middle of Poo Keaw Wildlife Reserve (Under the Patronage of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit) and is a home and shelter to various species of animals such as chevrotain, deer, barking deer, and a huge number of birds.

Drive along the nature trail through the plain and forest and be as close to nature as you can be. Visiting a day after the rain, you will find yourself surrounded by thousands of butterflies spreading their delicate white wings – a wonderful sight to see.

Different species of wildflowers including wild orchids are also abundant in this ecologically rich forest. The huge grassland is where you will find, if lucky enough, deer and hog deer lazily bathing the sun and nibbling fresh grass. Some brave ones might even walk to your car.

On the drive back, a sunset view at Chulaporn Dam is also a must that you cannot afford to miss.