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Hum Hod Cliff

Hum Hod Cliff

Sai Thong National Park contains Ham Hod Cliff viewpoint, a stunning outlook especially in the early morning. The name Hum Hod (hum means testicle, hod means shorten) comes from the reaction of standing on this frightful cliff, since the cliff is very narrow and small!

The park area is around 319 square meters and covers Amphur Nhong Bua Rahaw, Amphur Tep Satit, Amphur Pakdeechoompol and Amphur Nhong Bua Dang of Chaiyapoom province. It is next to the Hin Ngarm National Park and Poolanka National Park. This cliff is in a forest on the Praya For and Pung Poey mountains with very beautiful scenery. Tourists can visit here at the end of rainy season during June to August. A large area of the park is grassland containing famous Siam tulips.

Visitors can take the path at the entrance of the Siam tulip field. They have to climb up a hill path for around 500 meters and Hum Hod Cliff is at the edge of Pung Poey Mountain. This cliff is 860 meters above sea level. During the rainy season, the area beneath this cliff is usually covered with thick mist and if visitors are lucky they will be able to see the sunrise above the mountain ridge, which is very beautiful.

Natural paths along both sides in Sai Thong National Park are another place for nature lovers especially the route to Chuan Chom waterfall, which is two and a half kilometers long. The starting point is one kilometer from the Sai Thong National Park Office. Tourists will see Sai Thong waterfall at around 500 meters from the starting point. It is a one level waterfall and not very high yet it is outstanding because of the 80-meter rocky cliff that makes the cascade look like a curtain. You can also swim in the pond below which is called Wang Sai. Another two kilometers from here is the Chuan Chom waterfall at around 20 meters high. The atmosphere around this waterfall is very quiet and serene.

Those who want to visit the Siam tulip fields and Ham Hod cliff will need a 4-wheel drive vehicle to drive up a steep hill and cross streams. Car rental is also available at the tourist service center

It is suggested that the tourists should visit the first field then walk back to visit the second field. There is also Plernjai cliff nearby for tourists to see the view. Next up is the fourth field, where all the flowers are white and only around 25 centimeters tall. After that is the third field which is nearest to the entrance. Finally, Samed field has pink and purple Siam tulips alternating with many other flowers. Take around 2-3 hours to explore the fields.

The Park also provides accommodation, camping ground and restaurant for tourists and a conference room for company groups. There is also accommodation at Pung Poey mountain which is around 30 kilometers from Sai Thong National Park.

Contact telephone 089 282 3437 and 02 562 0706.