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Hot sand beach

Hot sand beach

Hot sand beach, a natural spa on hot sand situated at Amphur AoLuk. Had Sai Rorn (Hot sand beach) is the named called by local people but if visitors walk on it they will find that it is more like hot mud than a hot sand. The Spa Institution of Krabi says the mud has many beneficial nutrients Aoluk Community Based Tourism has combined traditional Thai medicine with steam baths and hot mud to improve skin health. Moreover, there is also a foot spa using the hot mud.

The mud helps open the pores and makes the blood circulation flow better. The local villagers usually use mud to apply on the body, arms and legs. Combined with the nice atmosphere of Aoluk, this place is really worth visiting.

Unfortunately, this phenomenon happens only for a limited time. The hot mud is there only during ebb tide early morning around 5 am until late morning of the 3rd and the 5th waning moon of each month. If visitors go there outside of these times they will see only a normal canal. Therefore, if you want to come to use this service should search for information and pick the right time to come. They must not forget that it is opened only 6-8 days per month so they will have to arrive a day in advance in order to prepare themselves.

People who are interested can contact for more information at 075-634-072, 086-691-5151 and 087-470-6661.