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Erawan Museum

Erawan Museum

Holy Erawan Museum at Muang district, Samut Prakan

The Erawan Museum, lies underneath a giant statue. This three-headed elephant (Airavata or Erawan) rises fourteen storeys above Sukhumvit Road. It weighs 250 tons is 29 metres high, 39 metres long, and cast in a pure green-hued copper. This elephant is remarkable not only for the outer appearance but also for the inner structure. The building inside is exquisitely decorated to pass on ideas rooted in eastern belief. Each of its three levels symbolizes a part of the Thai cosmology. The basement represents the cosmological underworld. The next level under the elephant itself stands for the human world. Finally, the highest storey inside Airavata embodies heaven. Stunning inlays, artistic collections with hidden propitious signs adorn the building, especially in the human world level with its blend of Eastern and Western art. A highlight is the glass ceiling depicting a World map and zodiac. Even if the admission fee is relatively high, it is worth paying since this museum is a miracle Thailand attraction. Lek Viriyapant, the man behind Ancient City at Bang-Pu and Sanctuary of Truth at Pattaya, is the founder of this last masterpiece.

Close to Erawan Museum is another interesting tourist attraction Phra Samut Chedi or “chedi in the middle of the water” Samut Prakan's respected sacred temple. Here the annual temple fair is held around October. The chedi was built on an island, but then it is merged with the bank. Tourists can take a boat across the river from Samut Prakan city to reach it.

There are a lot of seafood restaurants around the estuary of Samut Prakan not too far from Bangkok. Many delightful restaurants from Wat Asokaram to Ancient City at Bang-Pu await tourists.