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Dragon Descendants Museum

Dragon Descendants Museum

Discover the root of Thai-Chinese history at Dragon Descendants Museum in Suphan Buri.

The main purpose of the exhibition space inside the tremendous golden dragon is to broaden the knowledge concerning the close relationship between Thais and the Chinese, as well as to present this long-running history in an enjoyable way.

The 35-meter high and 135-meter long gigantic dragon building in the shrine of Suphan Buri city pillar is known as the Dragon Descendants Museum. The museum was founded in the year 1996 when Banhan Silpa-archa was the prime minister of Thailand to commemorate the 20th anniversary of diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China. There was an official grand opening on the 24th of December 2008, and after that, the museum became the province’s new and magnetic cultural attraction. The museum inside the dragon building is arranged into twenty one display rooms , presenting 5,000 years of Chinese history, philosophy, beliefs and its close relationship with Thailand. In addition, there is an interesting exhibition showing the background of Thais with a dash of Chinese. For example, the lineage of Chinese family names from ancestral times, Chinese descendants are proud of this inheritance since their settlement in Thailand under royal patronage. Not only the information has been carefully researched, but the presentation also combines modern interactive computer technology to entertain and provide you with knowledge at the same time.

Great local dishes

Suphan Buri is famous for its fish. Mae Buay’s, seven kilometers from downtown, serve a large variety of dishes including pla ma and pla kang. Finish off your meal with a local dessert, such as salee suphan (Tel. 035-587-077).

Pre-arrival information

The Dragon Descendants Museum or the Heavenly Dragon Park is open Wednesday to Sunday (closed on Monday and Tuesday). Each of the seven rounds a day allows approximately an hour-long tour guide. The earliest round starts at 10:00 AM and the latest at 16:00 PM. Admission fees are ฿299 for Thai nationals and ฿149 for Thai kids: foreign adults and kids are ฿ 499 and ฿299 respectively. For more information, contact Tel. 035-226-211.