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Doi Wow

Doi Wow

Amphur Taa Wang Paa, Naan

Is there anywhere in the north that you can sleep in a tent in a midst of beautiful flowers and wake up in the morning to see the sunrise? You can find all these experiences at Doi Wow, Naan. At this mountain peak, visitors can see many different kinds of flowers and birds such as blue-throated sunbird, and orange leaf bird. The route up to Doi Wow is around 1,674 meters. Tourists will pass an evergreen forest and can really absorb nature. In the evening before sunset, three mountain peaks will appear with different shapes, elephant (Doi Chang), cow (Doi Wua) and on the is Doi Paaji. In November, the sun sets perfectly between Doi Wua and Doi Paaji. The night sky displays many stars, which is such a romantic atmosphere. This place will surely be loved by many visitors.

Tourists should also visit Wat Nong Bua, which is outstanding with the architecture of ancient Lanna style.

The popular food here is Khao lam (glutinous rice roasted in bamboo joints) which is called Khao lam Jang locally. They use 70-90 centimeters of bamboo sticks and burn them. After burning, they peel the bamboo off and eat the rice inside. There are many kinds of sticky rice inside such as sticky white rice and sticky black rice. Visitors can find Khao lam at the roadside all along Amphur Taa Wang Paa.