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Doi Thung

Doi Thung

Doi Thung is a high peak of the Nang Non Mountains in Amphur Mae Fah Luang. Doi Thung has 93,515 rai of forest area and is 1,630 meters above sea level. At this height, the weather is cool and chilly all year round. Doi Thung is now a preservation area after restoration work commissioned by the Royal Grandmother.

Doi Thung has the most convenient road compared with other routes up to each mountain peak. Tourists can choose to stay in the city of Chiang Rai and drive to Doi Thung in the early morning. The tourist attractions on Doi Thung are separated into three zones; Doi Thung palace, Phra Tat Doi Thung and Mae Fah Luang tree garden.

If you love to drink coffee, you should not miss the Doi Thung Café. Try the Arabica coffee, which is a commercial crop that the villagers cultivate to replace the growing of opium carried on in previous days. The Doi Thung Development Program chooses good grades of Arabica coffee to grow on the mountain and in the forest. For this reason, the coffee is very good quality which makes the Doi Thung Café very popular among visitors.

There are also macademia nuts which is another commercial crop compensating for opium. The Doi Thung Development Program hires the villagers to collect the seeds and transform them into various products. They are sold at all branches of Doi Thung Café.

Apart from the popular Doi Thung Café, Doi Thung Lifestyle is another store that sells products manufactured from the Doi Thung Development Program. All of the products are made by the villagers in this area such as handmade cloth, clothes, home decorations etc. This program has helped the villagers gain a lot more income for their families.

The Doi Thung Development Program is very popular abroad. UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) has granted the “UNODC” logo to be attached and printed on every product from the Doi Thung Development Program.

How to get there

From Chiang Rai take the Paholyothin Road passing Amphur Mae Chan. Before arriving at Amphur Mae Sai at kilometer 870-871, turn left to Highway number 1149 and drive along for around 17 kilometers and you will arrive at Doi Thung.