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Doi Phu Kha, Naan

Doi Phu Kha, Naan

When the winter comes, pink blossoms and mist decorate Doi Phu Kha creating a pink mountain.

At dawn, the mountain range is dark and cool with a chilly breeze. The valley, filled with natural abundance, is covered in thick morning mist. Doi Phu Kha is the only forest in Thailand that possesses some of the rarest species of trees in the world including the precious Bretschneidera sinensi, Arecaceae, and Sapindaceae. Visit in winter and you will find the sweet hue of Wild Himalayan Cherry flowers blossoming all over the mountain.

Tourists can also enjoy a short trekking trip along the natural trail and visit nam-ork-roo at Suncharoen village. If you are the adventurous kind, visit the twelve storey Poo Fah waterfall which is situated in the heart of the forest. Having a campfire and admiring millions of shimmering stars at night will surely guarantee an everlasting memory.

Visiting in the rainy season provides the opportunity to try the famous fried bamboo caterpillar, tasty and very nutritious. PP Milk & Coffee House on the way to Wiang Saa village is also highly recommended.

The Wild Himalayan Cherry blossoms from late December to February. Bretschneidera sinensi, however, blooms from February to March.