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Doi Mae Ou Kor, Mae Hong Son

Doi Mae Ou Kor, Mae Hong Son

Decades ago, a yellow flower was brought from a land far away from Thailand. This flower has been blossoming richly and painting the valley of Doi Mae Ou Kor since then.

On the hill of Mae Ou Kor village, Khun Yuam District, Mae Hong Son, a kind of beautiful bright yellow flower called “Bua Tong” has been talked about for many years. The flower only blooms in the winter and covers the entire valley with a sunny carpet. Bua Tong, originated in Central America and the Caribbean and is said to have been brought into Thailand by Christian missionaries and was previously called Bung Tong or Mexican Sunflower.

Tourists who look down into the valley cannot help but be amazed by the bright yellow carpet of the Bua Tong fields waving in the morning sunlight. Another way to enjoy this place is by driving slowly along the Mae Jam-Khun Yuam public road no. 1263 and admiring the beauty of Bua Tong flowers amongst the mountain mist.

Here at Doi Mae Ou Kor, souvenirs can be bought and fresh coffee can be tasted in the local market of tribal people at the foothill. Fresh fruits and vegetables are available all year long. At the back of the market is a field of flowers where tourists can enjoy the view and take photos.

Bua Tong blooms from November to December every year. Dok Bua Tong National Park also offers places for barbeques; reservations need to be made in advance.