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City Pillar Shrine, Bangkok

City Pillar Shrine, Bangkok

At the heart of Bangkok, you can pay respects to the City Pillar Shrine and ask for good fortune and glory.

After establishing Bangkok as the capital of Thailand, King Rama I arranged the construction of the City Pillar Shrine according to the traditional customs. The ceremony is believed to bring unity and fortune to the country. Since then, the site has been revered by Thais as one of the most sacred places in Bangkok.

Apart from bringing unity and peace to the country, Thai people also come to pay respects to the shrine asking for help with their personal matters as well. The shrine is believed to eliminate misfortune, bring good luck, and accelerate popularity and prosperity. Once you come to visit, paying respects to the five angels guarding the city in the hall is also highly encouraged.

In the area, a Buddha image is believed to tell fortunes. People need to lift the image twice; if they can lift the image in the first time and fail the second time, the wish is believed to be granted.

After paying respects to the shrine, tourists can walk a short distance to Tha Chang and Tha Pra Chan where food stalls and a variety of tantalizing snacks are available. You can also hop onto a boat and cross the Chao phraya River to Siriraj port. A number of fine-looking restaurants can be found to fill empty stomachs and bring a pleasant touch to your hot day in Bangkok.