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Chokchai Farm, Nakhon Ratchasima

Chokchai Farm, Nakhon Ratchasima

Take a cowboy-themed adventure, feed ponies and enjoy animal talent shows, plus a lot more activities ready to entertain and provoke laughter from kids.

The images of galloping on horseback to herd cattle are no longer childhood dreams because at Chokchai Farm, you can watch cowboy shows and spend quality time with your family. Set in ample forest and pastureland, the surroundings are perfect for farming.

Chokchai Farm is the place for the whole family who wants to see what the cowboy lifestyle looks like. Here tourists are allowed to milk cows and see how the milk is made ready to drink. You can also enjoy watching a demonstration or interactively participate in making ice cream. In addition to these activities, there are farm tours that take visitors of all ages to see the cowboy way of life. A pony farm and animal talent shows are there to provide an ultimate entertainment experience for our young audience.

You will be dazzled by the cowboy shows that demonstrate tie-down roping and taming wild horses.

Eat a BBQ in a boutique hotel and spend the night in a convenient air-conditioned room. Then the whole family will certainly wake up to a new delightful day.

Recommended local dishes

A very nice and strongly recommended restaurant is the Chokchai Steak House, where delectable well-aged beef is offered for a large variety of dishes. Finish your meal with ice cream made from top quality fresh milk. It certainly makes a big hit among kids.

Travel tips

Chokchai Farm is ideal for spending a short holiday because it is only 160 kilometres from Bangkok. It takes only a couple of hours on Mittraphap Road, and then you arrive at the well-known authentic cowboy realm. For further information, contact Chokchai Farm headquarters by calling 02-532-2846 or visit