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Chinese New Year at Yaowarat

Chinese New Year at Yaowarat

Yaowarat is one of the most crowded and vibrant landmarks of Bangkok, especially at Chinese New Year when many Thai-Chinese Bangkokians come here to shop.

Customarily, people will clean their homes to welcome a new year of good fortune and prosperity. Two days before the New Year day is called Wan-Jai (shopping day) when food and offerings are bought and prepared for the next day, which is Wan-Wai (worshipping day) when family members gather and pay respects to all Chinese gods and ancestors in their homes. The third day is called Wan-Tiaw (travelling day), shops are usually closed and family members will reunite for a trip or a meal together.

Chinese New Year at Yaowarat is one of the biggest festivals of the year. Cultural performances from seven Chinese precincts are an annual highlight.

Pay respects to Guanyin, the goddess of mercy, for luck and good fortune and visit the Chinese culture exhibition with its spectacular red lanterns. Heavenly dishes are lined along the road and Yaowarat is brightly and colorfully painted with red, the color of fortune and prosperity.