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Chiew Laan Lake

Chiew Laan Lake

Gorgeous mountains amidst forest and water, Ta Kun district, Surat Thani

Extraordinary scenery of limestone cliffs towering 900 feet above the emerald water of the lake, surrounded by verdant rainforest, this is the gigantic Ratchaprapa Dam or Chiew Laan Dam. Chiew Laan of Thailand and Kui-Lin of China are similar by their incredible enormous mountains. At the top of the dyke, there is a tourist spot to witness cliff-lined landscape in the middle of the reservoir. It takes no more than half an hour to reach the destination; Kui-Lin Chiew-Laan is positioned nearly face-to-face. Being similar to the great wall, these majestic outcrops have various figures. Some are in line or grouped, others surround the river like an emarald green lake encompassed by a valley. Visitors can take a boat to tour the lake, and can see serrows grazing on rocky hills and great hornbills flying across mountain ranges.

Khao Sok National Park's floating raft houses are available nearby the dam. If staying overnight, the spectacular vista of light mist nestled along river line, cliffs, and forest can be appreciated at dawn.

Visitors can taste dam caught fish recipes while travelling to this magnificent destination. Chiew Laan dam fish are famous for their flavor, specifically delicious deep fried giant gourami with garlic and pepper sauce, and mouth-watering deep fried marinated great snakehead. Stick-bean, a popular southern Thai starchy vegetable, is a famous local food. It can be eaten both raw and cooked and can be purchased at fresh produce markets. Stick beans are available in the rainy season from June to September.