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Chiang Mai zoo

Chiang Mai zoo

Founded by Harold Mason Young (Mr.Harold Mason Young), American missionaries. All the subjects taught in the wild to sustain soldiers and border police.

During the Korean War (2493-2496 BC) through the house they rented a house Weluwan foot of Doi Suthep.

The Master Guitar Nimmanahaeminda (AD 2431-2508), and Mrs. Kim Hong Nimmanahaeminda (AD 2437-2524) is a starting place. Start by opening a small zoo. The private sector for the first time on approximately 2495 people employed by the natives, and he is not much help.

The reason for the formation of different kinds of animals, Mr. Harold Mason to the zoo can be. Private is not so.Although no clear evidence. But because of my compassion for animals is the basis. To study the behavior and habits of the animal closely with purpose. In the occupation. Volunteer to teach the living in the wild. And border police. The confrontation with wild animals, always.

Today, Chiang Mai Zoo is privately operated and includes a large variety of animals. In addition, it provides two large aquariums. On 28 October 2008, an aquatic tunnel with a length of 133 metres (436 ft) (the world's longest tunnel aquarium) was opened to the public. It also has a marine aquarium, which is the largest one in Asia.

Overall, 400 animal species are represented in the zoo including koalas, Humboldt penguins, Cape fur seals, the only rhino in Thailand, hippos, flamingos, giraffes, zebras,ostriches, camels, lions, tigers, Barbary sheep, Malayan tapir, and many types of reptiles.[4] The zoo is also home to two elephants[5] and three giant pandas.[6]

Giant pandas Lin Hui and Chuang Chuang arrived at the zoo on 12 October 2003, and are on 10-year loan from China. Their daughter Lin Bing was born at the zoo on 27 May 2009, and will be returned to China when she is two years old. Lin Bing is one of just a few giant pandas born in captivity outside of China.