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Chao Mai Beach National Park

Chao Mai Beach National Park

Located in Sikao district, Chao Mai Beach National Park covers a vast area of land and is home to several interesting tourist attractions. Kradan Island is only twelve kilometers or approximately one hour away. The island is named after its oblong shape of five contiguous mountain ranges, and its clear water allows nature lovers to enjoy corals and sea fans. Chueak Island is made of two conjoining islands. It features complete coral reefs for shallow water diving.

Muk (or Mook) Island is another large island around the coastline of Trang surrounded by white sandy beaches and clear sea for tourists to enjoy. The cliff on the west is the hiding place of a mysteriously beautiful cave, known as Nam (water) cave or Morakot (emerald) cave. The entrance is so narrow that boats can pass through only when the tide is low. The thrilling sensation of the adventure along 80 kilometers of sinuous passage inside is replaced by excitement once you reach the other opening end of the cave, where natural beauties of emerald green seawater and white beach await visitors.

Chao Mai cave is a complex structure with multi levels of caverns. The lower ground is a vast cave chamber where there are stalactites and stalagmites stretching from floor to ceiling. To get to the upper level, just climb up the cliff to the right for about 100 meters, and admire the fossil of seashells covering the cave wall. In addition, there is a basin of cold water before the entrance to the inner cave.

Thermal springs where the water is 70 degrees celsius and fuming bubbles send out light scent of sulphur. The surrounding area is designated a nature trail and is a more peaceful landscape.

Chao Mai beach stretches out and is suitable for camping and swimming in the finest quality of seawater. The view from the front part of the beach shows a neighbouring island called Libong, while at the back is a thick forest of pine trees. The coast of Chao Mai beach is also full of sea grass the food of Dugong (sea cows).

Pak Meng is the name of a crescent-shaped beach. The first impression of this place is the massive rock in the middle of sea that is similar to a figure of a man lying on his back. On the north of this rock is Khao Meng or Meng Island. Here is a white, sandy and unspoilt beach with ranges of pine trees. When the tide is low, it reveals broad seashore, the habitat of leather donax clams.