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Chao Mae Sammook, Chonburi

Chao Mae Sammook, Chonburi

Many tourists who travel to Bangsan usually stop and worship at the Chao Mae Sammook Pavillion located at the edge of Tambol Arngsila, Chonburi.

This pavilion was built according to the legend of Sammook, a poor girl who was in love with San, a prosperous son of the village headman. Their love was obstructed because of their family status so both of them decided to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff. This cliff was named Sammok and the sea beneath this cliff Bangsan in order to be a memorial of their true love. The villagers also built a pergola at the edge of the cliff and called it Sammook pavilion.

Sammook pavilion is popular among local fishermen since they pay respects here before sailing to ask for a safe journey. The love legend of this pavilion is also popular among teenage couples. It is believed that whoever leaves their names and makes offerings to the goddess will receive a love blessing.

Later, the villagers offered a new Chinese style pavilion to the goddess. Inside this pavilion are many floors where many Buddhist statues are enshrined such as Bodhisattva, Buddhist saint related to Ji Gong, the Happy Buddha and the Kuan Yim on the top floor.

Tourists who come to worship the Sammook Goddess usually buy pearl bracelets in the front of pavilion in order to donate money to restore the pavilion.