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Chathaburi town is known as the town of the moon (Chan). Chanthaburi province is filled with tropical rain and mangrove forests and the town is suitable as a base for ecosystem touring and can be a place for relaxation at the same time. There is fishery on the coast where tourists can explore the living culture of the people. Chanthaburi is also a big market for the jewel industry with many expert artisans.

Visitors to the town should start by going to the King Taksin statue and the Shrine of the City Pillar. Next up is Wat Pai Lorm (Pra Aram Luang) where there is beautiful architecture and you will find the enshrined site of Pra Puttasaiyart, the largest holy object in the eastern region. Pra Puttasaiyart was built in the Sukothai style according to the instructions of the abbot, Luang Por Pra Tep Sittimunee. Chantaburi Catholic Church (Wat Mae Pra Patisonti Narumol) is another sacred place at Tambol Chantanamit. This church was built in the Western gothic style and is one of the most beautiful churches in Thailand and a center for the Catholic Mon people. Another place worth visiting is the Kao Prabat peak on the Kitchakoot Mountain. This mountain is where the “Royal Footprint” (Roy Praputtabat Luang), the sacred footprint of the eastern region, is enshrined.

Wat Krating and Wat Pluang are where both the local people and tourists go to worship during the Chinese New Year and Makha Bucha Day. Another site worth a visit is Nam Tok Pliw National Park which is very beautiful and has water all year. The mangrove forest of Kung Kraben Gulf is situated at Tambol Klong Kud Amphur Ta Mai, Chantaburi with an area of 1.76 square kilometers. The area is a extraordinary example of this fascinating ecosystem and considered the most beautiful mangrove forest in Chantaburi province.

After travelling for the whole day, tourists should stop at the Chanpotchana Restaurant to try the popular dish kang chamuang a soup that boils streaky pork with garcinia cowa (a kind of herb). Another popular dish is pad thai sen chan from jae a-ngoon at the Chanthaburi night market. For those who love noodles do not miss the moo liang and nuer liang noodle (a local noodle of Chanthaburi). The soup is sweet and sour since it is boiled with many herbs served together with refreshing Samrong juice (a kind of Thai herb). The last dish that tourists should try is som tum at Jae Ker Restaurant, which is around None Poh Road, another popular restaurant recommended by local people.