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Bang Pu seaside resort

Bang Pu seaside resort

Bang Pu seaside resort, formerly the florishing Pak Nam city, is named after a Dutch port “New Amsterdam of the East”. Today, Samut Prakarn is bustling with people and their sweet memories of the good old days. Now falling into decay remains of ancient temple halls are still rich with the spirit that has remained for hundreds of years.

At Bang Pu seaside resort, you may hear a faint waltz melody lingering from the 74-year-old pier known as Saphan Sukta that stretches into the sea. The Sukta pier is popular with families to go at the weekend during the late afternoon. They go there not only to enjoy the sea breeze but also to feed thousands of migratory seagulls that come there between November and July. The World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) also has an education centre there for mangrove forest conservation and bird watching. Local bird watchers have spotted 66 species of resident birds and 124 species of migrant birds. The most common migratory birds are the brown-headed gulls from Russia and Mongolia. You can also see pained stork, grey heron and purple heron. Other animals include mudskippers and crabs. Food and drinks are served daily at the restaurants along the pier. Dances are held at weekends.

Bang Pu seaside resort is on the 37th kilometer of Sukhumvit Road, Bang Pu sub district, Muang district, Samut Prakran. You can get there by taxi from Bangkok that costs about 250 baht.

By public transport: catch a bus to Samut Prakan then change to a large songtaew heading to Tum Ru or a blue bus heading to Klong Dan.