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Ban Phon Rang hot springs

Ban Phon Rang hot springs

Location: Muang district

Ban Phon Rang hot springs in the Ngao Waterfall National Park are surrounded by natural beauties, such as towering mountains, dazzling streams and aromatic flowers, which will make your hot spring experience enjoyable and delightful. The blooms of tropical pitcher plants Dendrobium Formasum, a kind of wild orchid which is the symbolic flower of Rayong are spread out throughout the entire area. So, you can admire the surrounding natural wonders, whilst enjoying the thermal springs. There are sources of hot mineral spring water coming out from rock corners and veins of quartz. There is one large and two small bathing pools so that you can decide whether to experience a full-body bath or a footbath. The main features of the springs are clear water with a small trace of carbon dioxide, but with no smell of sulphur.

The temperature of the hot springs at Ban Phon Rang is approximately 35 to 40 degrees Celsius, which is very suitable for bathing. Little water streams that emerge from the ground together with cold streams from the canal of Phon Rang make these thermal springs a natural outdoor spa. By the time you are sitting in the hot spring pool, the sound of water in Klong Phon Rang against the rocks works as though it is natural music to lull visitors into relaxation and calmness.

After the bathing session, if you still have some time left you may like to take a stroll around. This is a great place to enjoy hot mineral springs in a natural atmosphere no matter for a day trip or a night stopover over because there are a large number of facilities available, including outdoor shower rooms, toilets, pergolas, a parking lot, restaurants, and guesthouses.

Benefits of thermal mineral springs

Bathing for ten to fifteen minutes in a hot spring pool can improve blood circulation, relieve the symptoms of hypertension and skin diseases, cleanse the skin from bacteria, and revitalize skin complexion. Additionally, it is proved to help sooth pains from rheumatoid arthritis, improve the function of your digestive system, and boost energy by reducing physical and mental stress. The blood circulation system will function much better, and this can accelerate the exchange rate between oxygen and glucose in capillaries and membranes, particularly at the brain, muscles and kidneys. It is also believed that regular drinking or bathing at Ranong may result in good health and reduce the signs of aging.

Precautions when hot spring bathing

For your own safety, persons with the following medical conditions are advised to take the precautions seriously: existing heart conditions, high blood pressure, asthma, high temperature, acute headache, epilepsy, stroke, and pregnancy. You should not bathe straight after a meal.