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Ban Khiri-wong

Ban Khiri-wong

Thailand’s holiday destination with the purest air quality

Location: Lan Ska district

Ban Khiri-wong is an ancient community located in the midst of mountain ranges and rivers. The locals lead their life humbly in a clan society and follow the philosophy of sustainable development. Surrounded by rich and beautiful natural resources, including mountains, waterfalls, flora and fauna, the villagers earn a living mainly from plantations known as Suan Som-rom that grow fruits, such as mangosteen, rambutan, durian and parkia.

The cooperative labor in this community divides people into groups according to their occupational skills, namely tie-dyeing, herbal products, coconut shell weaving, juice processing, winery, and durian paste. The products from each group have gained popularity among consumers and tourists as these local souvenirs are sold at a reasonable price and they are top quality.

Ban Khiri-wong is regarded as a model community of an ecotourism business. Initiating from their local orchard farmers’ way of life, the villagers have developed services and facilities for tourists into a new business of the community. There are walking trails, porters, as well as home stay residences available all year round for either an educational purpose or a home stay experience. July and September is when mangosteens are in season, so do not miss the opportunity to try the best of its kind. January to July is suitable for adventurous activities, for instance climbing Mt. Khao Luang to the summit at 1,835 meters above sea level. There are leafy forests and world-renowned ecological diversity. Additionally, be amazed at the exotic wild orchids that are exclusively found in Thailand, for example Bulbophylluim smitinandi and Bulbophyllum ovatum.

Ban Khiri-wong is considered Thailand’s best holiday destination based on the air quality evaluation conducted by the government’s Pollution Control Department. Therefore, do not hesitate to fill your lungs with the ozone here, get to know the simple life of the locals and enjoy a quality travelling experience.

For more information, please contact Ban Khiri-wong coordination center on 075-533-113 or Ban Khiri-wong tourism service center on 075-533-370.