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Ban Bang Sadet Miniature Dolls Centre

Ban Bang Sadet Miniature Dolls Centre

From clay to world-class craftwork

The villagers of Bang Sadet sub district, Pa Mok district in Angthong often suffered from floods until the royal visit of their Majesties on the 28th of April 1976. According to the royal thought, the earth in that area was suitable for making miniature dolls, and thus this marked the establishment of the doll project under royal patronage. The locals continue the royal project up to the present day, and the miniature dolls have gained international popularity.

Miniature dolls originated during the reign of King Rama V. Formerly they were reserved exclusively for noblemen. However, it was not until some of them moved from the court to live with their own families that these dolls became widely known among ordinary people.

The royal project has not only helped revive the art of making clay dolls, but also has made a major contribution in transforming the city into the biggest world-renowned manufacturing base of miniature dolls. Its main purpose from the beginnings 1976 was to help the villagers earn supplementary income. These dolls reflect the national values of art and culture.

Ban Sadet miniature doll centre is a high-raised traditional Thai house known as ‘Khum Suvarn’. Within the complex of Tha Suthawat temple, there are demonstrations of how to make these miniature dolls. They are superbly crafted items portraying the Thai way of life and customs, including plays among Thai young children, traditional orchestra bands, hermit statues showing postures for muscle pain treatment, and varieties of lovely little tropical fruits.