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Baan Had Soong

Baan Had Soong

Explore the way of living and the weaving of Pha Sin Teen Chok.

The Thai Puan villagers at Baan Had Soong still have the old cultural idea of “women weave, men forge”. The weaving of Baan Had Soong is very popular especially for its unique patterns. Tourists who visit Sukothai should not miss seeing the process of weaving Pha Sine Teen Chok.

Had Soong Village is separated from Tambol Had Siew by the Yom River. All the houses are still preserved in the old Thai style and most families have looms in their houses. If tourists visit, they will see the elderly weaving in almost every house. During the daytime, the women go to school or work and in the evening they come back home to embroider patterns on the textile. On weekends, they usually spend all their free time sewing. Tourists can also ask about information about the textiles from the villagers here.

If tourists have a chance to visit during a religious festival, they will be able to see the traditional Thai dressing styles such as women wearing Pha Sin Teen Chok or men wearing blue pants called Sai Chong with a white or colored shirt and loincloth. There are also parades taking place around the village.

Nine patterns of Teen Chok by Puan Had Siew villagers

Sin is a kind of cloth that was weaved into a shape of a sack. Teen Chok has many different patterns woven at the hem and attached to the sin and called Sin Teen Chok. There are nine basic patterns called Kao Nuay, each Nuay (unit) has its own uniqueness. Nowadays, there are also other textiles such as different colors of loincloth. Tourists can find different kinds of local textile at Baan Had Soong and Had Siew.