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Baan Pred Nai Mangrove Forest

Baan Pred Nai Mangrove Forest

Visit a perfect mangrove forest at Baan Pred Nai, Amphur Muang, Trad

Baan Pred Nai mangrove forest in the eastern of Thailand is a fascinating ecosystem. Inside this area, there are many different kinds of flowers and animals. It is a wonderful site to explore the nature of mangrove ecology. There are many types of mangrove plants to see such as lumnitzera racemosa, ceriops tagal, excocaria agallocha and many others. The ecosystem of the mangrove forest can be seen here both during the high and low tide period.

There are also many types of birds who visit and make their homes in this forest such as collared kingfisher, red-throated sunbird, purple sunbird and heron. During low tide, visitors can see blenny and fiddler crab which make this forest look more alive. Apart from walking along the forest, you can also choose to cruise along the river to see more of the nature of this forest.

After visiting the Baan Pred Nai mangrove forest, tourists also usually come to visit Bupparam Temple, a beautiful antique temple which includes a museum where Buddha statues, porcelain and Buddha relics are enshrined.

A popular food in Trad is called Kang Moo Chamuang, a soup that contains streaky pork with garcinia cowa (a kind of herb). This soup is a local speciality of Trad and can be easily found at many restaurants in that area.

A popular souvenir of Baan Pred Nai is Ngob (a hat made of bamboo and palm leaves shaped like an inverted basin) from Baan Nam Chiaw. It is typical of Trad province and can be found at Nam Chiaw market.