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Built in 1757 (during the Ayutthaya period), this temple was renovated during the reign of King Rama III. The principal Buddha image is over 300 years old and is known as Luangpho To. The marble Ubosot, or ordination hall, has beautiful teak doors and window panels adorned with Thai proverbs. A no-fishing area in a pond by the pier teems with indigenous fish, which are often hand-fed by locals and visitors.

In addition, the temple contains a rehabilitation center for drug addicts, employing herbs and the practice of Dharma to help participants recover mentally and physically. An ancient boat museum is being planned for construction as well.

To get there, take Highway 325 (SamutSongkhram–Bang Phae). Turn left to cross the Phra Si Suriyen Bridge and then turn right onto Highway 3062. Turn right again onto Highway 2002, past Amphawa Hospital, and follow Highway 2007. Alternatively, visitors can take bus No. 8131 from SamutSongkhram to the pier in front of a temple called WatKaeo Charoen.

For more information, call 0 3476 1888 or 0 3473 5515.

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