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Ao Phang-Nga Marine National Park

Ao Phang-Nga Marine National Park

Visiting Phang-Nga and its finest quality of white sand may be a top wish for many people who long to go to the Andaman Sea. Imagine crystal clear seawater, the sound of ocean splashes, shades of coconut trees challenging the bright sunshine, and Limestone mountains in peculiar shapes. Phang-Nga is also known as an ancient city as well. It was the center of civilization being mentioned in Greek regional map as Takuapa or Takkola. Moreover, there is archaeological evidence that points out the existence of pre-historic settlements in this region, for example beads and various accessories on Kho Khao Island, as well as a statue of Ganesh on Khao Phra Narai. More importantly, the finding of scrolls written in Palawan helps confirm that Phang-Nga was a significant trading center and a foreign community in the old days.

Speaking about Phang Nga, it is impossible not to mention Khao Tapu or so-called James Bond Island known among foreign tourists. It was given this name because it was a filming location of the Hollywood movie James Bond which makes this island worldwide renowned. Not too far located another filming location, Khao Phingkan. It was the setting of a Thai film called “Jak Ter Tee Khao Phingkan” (starred by Sorapong Chatree and directed by Chumphon Thepphithak) and a soap opera named “Tawan Kheun Tee Ao Phang-Nga” broadcasted twice on Channel 5. Consequently, this seaside town always stays in the memory of sea and romance lovers.

There are three docks where you can find ferry services to Phang-Nga harbor, as follows: at Ban Thadan pier, at the office of Ao Phang-Nga National Park, and at Surakul pier. Besides, you can find ferries to other neighboring attractions, for instance Lod cave, Maju mountain, Panyee island, Thalu mountain, Phingkan mountain, or Tapu mountain. The service charge for these ferries is negotiable.