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Koh Kood, Special Offers Where to Go » East » Koh Kood » Special Offers

Look for special offers on packages to Koh Kood at local tour operators. Koh Kood is a popular tourist destination and there are frequent special offers catering to weekend visitors and those looking...

Koh Kood, Activities Where to Go » East » Koh Kood » Activities

As one of the quietest tourist destinations in Thailand, Koh Kood has limited activities for visitors to participate in. The following are some of the most popular activities on Koh Kood:

Koh Kood, Transport Where to Go » East » Koh Kood » Transport

It is only possible to get to Koh Kood by boat from Trat or Koh Chang. Once on the island rental transportation is possible directly from hotels and resorts. Koh Kood is only accessible by boat fr...

Koh Kood, Accommodation Where to Go » East » Koh Kood » Accommodation

Accommodation thus far has been oriented toward middle and upper class Thais who have booked package holidays. It may be possible to arrive on the island without a reservation but accommodation optio...

Koh Kood, Attractions Where to Go » East » Koh Kood » Attractions

With gorgeous, unspoiled beaches surrounded by crystal clear waters Koh Kood itself is the attraction and visitors who are planning to do more than simply relax may enjoy exploring the islands beaches...

Koh Kood, Tours & Packages Where to Go » East » Koh Kood » Tours & Packages

As Koh Kood is such a popular package tourist destination there are numerous tour packages available from tour operators throughout Thailand.

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Springfield Beach Resort Cha Am Where to Stay » Resorts & Spas

You keep coming back to Thailand’s Springfield Beach Resort from all over—from the United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, Finland and other Scandinavian countries; from Taiwan and Korea; from A...

Pattawia Resort & Spa Hua Hin Where to Stay » Resorts & Spas

The Pattawia Resort and Spa Hua Hin is located on Nareansaun Beach, Pranburi, Prachuabkirikan. A new destination beyond central Hua Hin, situated on the shore of the Gulf of Siam, on a splendid and qu...

Takiab Beach Hotel Hua Hin Where to Stay » Hotels

Takiab Beach Hotel enjoys a superb setting between the famous Thai Resort of Hua Hin and the fabulous Takiab beach, a quiet and beautiful playground for the rich and famous people from Bangkok.

Aleenta Resort Where to Stay » Resorts & Spas

Natural and full of life…
An intimate enclave by the sea… Unspoiled… Unhurried… Peaceful…
A resort in harmony with its surroundings… Fresh, pure… rejuvenating