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Nakhon Pathom Where to Go » Central » Nakhon Pathom

Nakhon Pathom is a small province located just 56 km west of Bangkok. The province features an ancient religious structure called Phra Pathom Chedi, the first religious landmark that signified the int...

Nakhon Pathom, Tours & Packages Where to Go » Central » Nakhon Pathom » Tours & Packages

As Nakhon Pathom is a quite popular tourist destination there are numerous tour packages available from tour providers throughout Thailand.

Nakhon Pathom, Food & Drink Where to Go » Central » Nakhon Pathom » Food & Drink

Most restaurants on Nakhon Pathom serve a variety of cuisines, including Thai and international foods. Most guesthouse and resorts have restaurants that serve both. The following are some of the rest...

Nakhon Pathom, Events & Festivals Where to Go » Central » Nakhon Pathom » Events & Festivals

In addition to the regularly celebrated national events and festivals, Nakhon Pathom has the following annual events:

Nakhon Pathom, Attractions Where to Go » Central » Nakhon Pathom » Attractions

As one of the most significant religious centers in Thailand, Nakhon Pathom has a number of Buddhist attractions in addition to a variety of cultural attractions, all of which should ensure that visit...

Nakhon Pathom, Special Offers Where to Go » Central » Nakhon Pathom » Special Offers

Look for special offers on packages to Nakhon Pathom at local tour operators. Nakhon Pathom is a popular tourist destination and there are frequent special offers catering to weekend visitors and tho...

Nakhon Pathom, Accommodation Where to Go » Central » Nakhon Pathom » Accommodation

Despite a number of excellent attractions, as Nakhon Pathom is so close to Bangkok, there are limited accommodation options, though there are a few golf resorts and budget bungalows for those looking ...

Nakhon Pathom, Transport Where to Go » Central » Nakhon Pathom » Transport

Only 100 kilometers from Bangkok, Nakhon Pathom can be reached easily for either a day trip or weekend getaway. Either by car, bus, or train, it’s only around 1 ½ hours from Bangkok to Nakhon Pathom,...

Nakhon Pathom, Activities Where to Go » Central » Nakhon Pathom » Activities

Nakhon Pathom has a variety of activities to participate in, ensuring that visitors with a variety of interests will find something to keep them entertained on their Nakhon Pathom holiday. The follow...

Bangkok Where to Go » Central » Bangkok

Invariably, every Thailand holiday includes a visit to the kingdom’s capital city, Bangkok, or Krung Thep, “the city of angels” as it is known to its inhabitants. Many tourists who t...

Result 31-40 of total 40
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