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Cha Am, Tours & Packages Where to Go » Central » Cha Am » Tours & Packages

As Cha-am is such a popular tourist destination, there are numerous tour packages available from tour providers in Cha-am, Bangkok, and throughout Thailand.

Cha Am, Food & Drink Where to Go » Central » Cha Am » Food & Drink

Most restaurants on Cha Am serve a variety of cuisines, including Thai and international foods. Most guesthouse and resorts have restaurants that serve both. The following are some of the restaurants...

Cha Am, Events & Festivals Where to Go » Central » Cha Am » Events & Festivals

In addition to the regularly celebrated national events and festivals, Cha-am has the following annual events:

Cha Am, Shopping Where to Go » Central » Cha Am » Shopping

Souvenirs from Cha-am include locally made dolls and decorations constructed from sea shells. Other natural products include pineapple and coconut products, other dried fruits, and a locally produced ...

Cha Am, Attractions Where to Go » Central » Cha Am » Attractions

As one of the premier tourist destinations in Thailand, Cha-am has numerous attractions to see, ensuring that visitors with any interest will find something to keep them entertained on their Cha-am ho...

Cha Am, Special Offers Where to Go » Central » Cha Am » Special Offers

Look for special offers on packages to Cha-am at local tour operators. Cha-am is a popular tourist destination and there are frequent special offers catering to weekend visitors and those looking to ...

Cha Am, Accommodation Where to Go » Central » Cha Am » Accommodation

Cha-am has a wide array of accommodation options. There are five-star luxury spas; international chain hotels with western amenities, such as air conditioning and room service; boutique hotels ideal ...

Cha Am, Transport Where to Go » Central » Cha Am » Transport

As it is located less than 200 km south of Bangkok and is a popular weekend getaway destination there are a number of ways to get to Cha-am, including train, bus, minibus, or private car. Once in Cha...

Cha Am, Activities Where to Go » Central » Cha Am » Activities

As a popular weekend destination, Cha-am has a number of activities for visitors to participate in, such as golfing, jet skiing, wind surfing, banana boat riding, and bike riding.

Cha Am Where to Go » Central » Cha Am

Located less than 200 km south of Bangkok and just 20 km north of Hua Hin, Cha-am is a quiet beach retreat in Petchaburi Province; a long stretch of silvery sand that is far quieter than nearby Hu...

Result 1-10 of total 10